LoE NFTs and their utility



League of Empires game is free to play but it requires purchasing an NFT to play the game. NFTs will be unique elements that will be used in the game. In League of Empires there are 3
kinds of NFTs which are owned and operated by players. NFTs will be classified in the form of
Tiers and Levels and rarity. These NFTs always remain assets of players and cannot be lost in

League of Empires is a Real Time Strategy game on blockchain. The only fully playable Real Time Strategy game on blockchain at the moment. The game is Live and can be downloaded from the LoE's website: https://leagueofempires.io. Currently, the game is on testnet and will be moved to mainnet after the launch of the token.

With the launch of LoE's marketplace underway, it is an excellent time to look at what are the NFTs in LoE, their use cases and how players can earn using these NFTs.

The 3 types of NFTs in LoE are:

a. Land, b. Multiplayer Passes, c. Leagues.

In phase 1 of NFT sales, Land and Multiplayer Passes will be available for sale. And in Phase 2, we shall launch the NFT sales of Leagues. For this article, we shall focus on Land and Multiplayer Pass NFTs.

a. Land:

The Land is the first and foremost element of the game.
On this Land, you can gather resources, build your own workshops for artilleries, siege weapons, have war
academies and barracks to better train your troops for ranking higher in levels. It also helps you increase your economic welfare which in turn will increase your token earning capacity. It is the Land on which you build your empire and use all game features.

There are 20 types of Lands in LoE, each with its own characteristics, layout, map, terrain, size, number of resources, number of players that can play on that Land, exploring opportunities and battle strategies! Players will be able to play only on such Lands which they own.

The total number of Genesis Land NFTs will be 10,000 and they will be sold in mystery box style as well as at fixed price.

Below is the detail of Mystery boxes:



The game offers PvP and PvE modes. And the Land is useful for both types of modes. Moreover, the type of Land also determines how much your earnings will be upon winning. Below is the detail of earnings based on the Land type:
- If it's a 2-player Land, then earnings are minimum (the baseline value)
- If it's a 3-player Land, then the earning increases with a multiplier of 0.30
- If it's a 4-player Land, then the earning increases with a multiplier of 0.50
- If it's a 6-player Land, then the earning increases with a multiplier of 0.90

Some extra info about the Lands.

When you start the game, you begin with only a small portion of the Land revealed to you; The rest is covered in black. This black cover is called the Shroud of Darkness, and it may be hiding your enemies’ base, useful resources and more. The shroud is gradually removed and the map is gradually revealed when you send units to explore new parts of the map.

Gathering Intelligence

When exploring the map, it is important to find:

  • Treasures,
  • Resources,
  • Strategic areas on the map, such as river crossings,
  • The location of your enemies’ bases,
  • How fortified your enemies’ bases are,
  • What sort of military units they have been training,
  • and more.

All of this information can help you make the decisions that will make you victorious, such as the best direction to expand your base, and the types of units you should be training to counter your adversary.

Passive income from Lands:

Purchasing the Land NFTs also gives you an opportunity to earn passive income without participating in the gameplay. Players will be able to lease their Land to other players for a period of one week, 2 weeks, 1 month, 2 months or 3 months and earn passive income on it. The rent and the period of lease will be defined by players. More special the land is, higher the price it will fetch in rental income!

b. Multiplayer Passes:

The game offers PvP modes with a dedicated multiplayer lobby where players from around the globe can play with and against each other in real time! PvP modes are more fun to play, and also the earnings are higher in PvP modes. Moreover, players can also chat with each other in real time, form alliances and discuss their strategies during the gameplay!

To play in PvP modes, players will need to buy Multiplayer Pass NFT. This Pass gives you access to multiplayer lobby where you'll have a place in leaderboard. And as you win games and earn more points, you'll be ranking higher in the Leaderboard. There are also quarterly Leaderboard prizes and rewards for top 10 players on Leaderboard each quarter. The rewards also include $LOE tokens ranging from 1,000 to 10,000 $LOE tokens.

If you are into strategy games, PvP modes offer the most exciting gameplay and entertainment value. A Multiplayer Pass gives you access to it!

Extra Perks for Genesis NFT buyers

Early supporters of LoE will get exclusive benefits. This includes, free access to 10 extra Civilizations, whitelisting for $LOE airdrop, and discount on Leagues NFTs in phase 2 of NFT sales.

Community is vital for the success and growth of the game with their contribution. A portion of $LOE tokens is also set aside for community rewards for added benefits. Rewarding activities are difficult to quantify but they add a significant value to the game and game economy, such as referring a friend or managing the community.
Providing rewards to the entire game community makes the game better not just for its regular
players but for the entire network. It also facilitates to make the game as successful as possible.




League of Empires is a Real Time Strategy game on blockchain. The only fully playable Real Time Strategy game on blockchain at the moment. Each gameplay is unique and players have a full control over their strategies and battles instead of playing computer controlled repetitive game sessions. $LOE is a BSC powered utility token that also acts as an in-game currency and can be spent as well as earned or exchanged by every player inside and outside of the game. LoE rewards those who contribute to the game’s metaverse and its real-valued economy system so there are no one-way investments.

The game is Live and players are playing it. Now we are moving towards hosting e-sports tournaments where players can play in real time. And for that we have partnered up with a famous e-sports organiser called Community Gaming. Also, partnered up with House of Gaming, one of the biggest gaming guilds in India. As soon as the token is launched, the P2E will also be activated!

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