Mint NFTs

There is a mechanism in the game for players to mint NFTs. This system is in place to maintain the supply for new players to play the game. Minting NFTs is also additional source of income for the players. $LOE token will be required to mint NFTs. This is to prevent bots from flooding the market. NFTs can be minted only on qualified game behavior. Such as, the type of level, number of resources, Experience Points, and other different in-game criteria.
Players will be able to mint Land, Artilleries, War academies and Leagues.
In the beginning, a limited number of NFTs will be released for early backers to purchase. Later, players will be minting the NFTs which they can sell on marketplace. This will create a sustainable loop of supply and demand and will help the game evolve.
Minting NFTs is also a part of the “Play-to-earn” mechanism in League of Empires. Besides earning $LOE tokens with qualifying game behavior such as achieving certain milestones, players will also be able to earn more by minting NFTs. These NFTs can be sold on marketplace and can yield instant returns to the players.