Play and Earn

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There are multiple ways that owners can earn from League of Empires. We will also have systems to avoid bad faith actors from flooding the market to ensure that legitimate players and their assets maintain their value over time.
$Loe token forms a critical part of helping build a sustainable play-to-earn economy and protect against bots. Therefore, $LOE tokens will be required to mint NFTs.
99,000,000 $LOE tokens will be set aside in a rewards pool which distributes the token to players depending on qualifying game behaviors.
Play-to-earn: Players will earn $LOE tokens in the game based on their qualifying behavior.
Monthly leaderboard prizes: Each quarter on the last day of the month at 00:00 UTC, players who will be in the top positions in their leagues will earn extra rewards including $LOE tokens. It starts from 100 $LOE tokens from Silver Leagues and goes all the way up to 10,000 $LOE tokens for Legend Leagues.
NFT minting: Players can mint artilleries, war factories, land, and leagues which they can sell on the Marketplace.
The game also encourages players to engage in battles and win more as they level up.
Our intention is also to reward dedicated players based on how actively they play or have played in the past. Examples of play behavior (or criteria) that will be incentivized:
• Playtime (e.g., amount of energy used).
• Account level progression.
• Account history (activity in the past week).
• Completion of daily quests.
• Amount of Experience Points gained
• Winning records.
Community rewards: Community is vital for the success and growth of the ecosystem with their contribution. A portion of $LOE tokens is also set aside for community rewards for added benefits. Rewarding activities are difficult to quantify but they add a significant value to the game and game economy, such as referring a friend or managing the community.
Providing rewards to the entire game community makes the game better not just for its regular players but for the entire network. It also facilitates to make the game as successful as possible. Some of the examples of community rewards include, liquidity mining, bonus rewards, airdrops, referrals, content creation and participation in the project, competition rewards and partnerships.