League of Empires is a massive multiplayer, real time strategy war game where players can enjoy earning crypto in a stimulating and adrenaline-filled environment. Our vision is to develop the first and most popular MMORTS game on blockchain where millions of players can turn their passion for gaming into real income. We are on a journey to evolve the blockchain gaming industry and to build the future of play-and-earn gaming world where gamers can play a game in which they have a full control on battles, while simultaneously earn and trade as part of a free and open economy. Such great goal requires constant focus, and we plan to evolve the future of NFT gaming by demonstrating the best results in the following areas:
Blockchain first ever MMORTS: League of Empires will offer an interactive 3D gameplay where players will build their Empires from the scratch with Real Time Control & Strategy. We plan to combine world building, smart strategy, amazing graphics, NFTs trading, and a great feature of alliances & leagues in the gameplay that players will enjoy for years.
Play-and-Earn: There will be a very large economy in the game where players can earn crypto tokens and trade their NFTs. Players will have a control on their decisions and strategies, and they can choose how to play and what items to trade. Players will also be able to mint NFTs.
Incentives for community: We believe that the community should also be rewarded for its never-ending support and the value it brings to the game. Hence, we shall reward the community for their efforts in the growth of the ecosystem and to empower and motivate them to contribute to the long-term success of the project.
Easy to learn and play: While there are a lot of strategies to deploy in the game to excel and rank on top of the leaderboards, the mechanics itself are aimed to be kept as simple as possible. So, that players spend more time evolving the game rather than learning the game.