The Repair Action is used by econ units (Citizen Soldiers) to regenerate the health of the player's mechanical mobile and non-mobile entities (structures, ships, siege weapons). While the action is applied to a viable damaged target, his hitpoints increase until restored to maximum, while the entity performs his "Repair" animation.

Note that as with most actions, multiple entities can be tasked to the same target to speed up the rate of regeneration.

Example Description:

  • Entity can repair buildings, siege and ships within the given range at a rate of 2.8 HP per second. Doing so costs 20% of the target's resource value.


BRIEF DESCRIPTION :: the rate of hitpoint regeneration, x per second.


BRIEF DESCRIPTION :: If the target has an Id of this type, then the cursor for this action displays and the entity can perform this action on it.


BRIEF DESCRIPTION :: The entity has to be this distance or closer to the target in order to perform the action.


BRIEF DESCRIPTION :: This attribute handles the resource cost for this action, if any.

Each "click" of this action extracts this percentage of the target's Traits.Creation.Cost* from all resources from the player's Resource Pool.

If the player does not have enough of this resource to pay the cost, the entity cannot perform the action until sufficient resources are acquired.