An object with this ability can gather resources from some source of Supply and transfer it to the player's Resource Pool.


BRIEF DESCRIPTION :: Group object for resources.

Within this object are listed types of resources (and subtypes of resources) that can be gathered by this entity from the supply of a target that has that resource and add them to the player's Resource Pool.

  • Food
    • Grain (gathering from a Field)
    • Milk (gathering from a Corral)
    • Fruit (gathering from a bush, fruit tree, or orchard)
    • Fish (gathering from a fish shoal)
    • Meat (gathering from an animal corpse)
  • Wood
  • Stone
  • Ore

The value of each type/subtype is the gather rate for this resource:


  • 1 - Gathers 1 Supply.Type every second.
  • 5 - Gathers 5 Supply.Type every second.
  • 50 - Gathers 50 Supply.Type every second.


BRIEF DESCRIPTION :: The entity is unable to gather from the target unless he is at least this close to it.