An entity with the Create action is able to create (train, construct) other entities. For details about an entity's prerequisites and costs for creation, see the Traits.Creation trait.

Different entity types do have different kinds of logic for creation, however (for example, structures are placed with a footprint cursor, while units leave the structure once trained and move to the structure's rally point).


BRIEF DESCRIPTION :: The list group contains lists of objects that can be created.

Structure Civilization

BRIEF DESCRIPTION :: A list of the civilization structures that this entity can create.

Structure Military

BRIEF DESCRIPTION :: A list of the military structures that this entity can create.

Structure Civilization

BRIEF DESCRIPTION :: A list of the units that this entity can create.


BRIEF DESCRIPTION :: List of technologies (by Tag) that is researchable from within this entity.


BRIEF DESCRIPTION :: Rate of Construction.

This is an attribute of an object capable of constructing/training another object (such as a Citizen Soldier constructing a structure, or a structure training an Infantry Spearman). It modifies the base rate at which any Create.List entity is constructed by the entity.

By default, the speed is 1.


  • 1 - Constructs at base rate.
  • 1.5 - Constructs at x1.5 normal rate.
  • 2 - Constructs at double normal rate.

Building Placement

  1. Select your building you want to make, and click its icon in the UI
  2. Move to your game screen and find where you would like to place it, if its obstructed it would have some sort of a red warning (also if it had an aura [resource center, health center, etc..), it would show up when you are in the process of finding a good placement)
  3. Left click and hold once you have found your spot
  4. Move/Drag your mouse in the desired orientation 
  5. Drag 
  6. Release your left mouse button, once you do the building footprint actor will be put in place and the terrain would be flattened.
  7. Your worker arrives and the building animation begins (scaffolding rises, once its 100% up, the building rises up, when the construction is 100% the scaffolding disappears and the props for the building are put into place instantly)
  8. Your finished building