An entity with this trait can accumulate experience points (see Traits.Loot.XP) and eventually accumulate enough to gain a promotion. This basically replaces him with a more advanced version of the unit.

Only Basic and Advanced Infantry Citizen Soldiers and Cavalry Citizen Soldiers have this ability.


BRIEF DESCRIPTION :: The number of Upgrade Points that the entity must accumulate in order to be promoted.

Generally this is 600 for Infantry and 900 for Cavalry.

An internal variable Traits.Promotion.Curr is initialized to zero when an entity has this property. It counts the number of XP that the entity has accumulated, and is reset to zero when the entity is promoted.

An internal variable Traits.Promotion.Rank also keeps track of the numeric rank of the entity.

  • 0: Default. Has no rank and will never have a rank (most units, Gaia entities, etc.).
  • 1: Basic. Units that can gain ranks start at this level.
  • 2: Advanced: First promotion.
  • 3: Ultimate: Second promotion.

New Entity

BRIEF DESCRIPTION :: This is the entity name of the replacement entity this entity will become when the pre-requisites for transformation are met.

Upgrade Ranks

A rank is the level of promotion a Citizen Soldier has achieved. With each automatic upgrade to a new rank, the unit gains bonuses to his statistics (by pointing to a new entity with an entirely new set of statistics).

In general, higher-ranking units are stronger in combat, but weaker in economic tasks such as gathering resources than lower-ranking units.

  • Basic: The starting rank.
  • Advanced: The second rank.
  • Ultimate (Elite in code terms): The final rank.

Upgrade Appearance

To determine the rank of Citizen Soldiers at a glance, without the need for cluttering rank icons over units, we will use the following convention:

  • Basic: poorest rank, little to no armor, elementary weapons, avoid helmets.
  • Advanced: medium class, some armor, average weapons, helmet.
  • Ultimate: richest class, lots of armor, finest weapons, helmet with decoration.

Note: Hundreds of pics of all kinds of units from the history were studied; this was the most visible, recognizable standardization of uniform that we could produce for such a wide variety of units, while still retaining a degree of realism.

Gaining Experience

A Citizen Soldier must acquire a certain quantity of points in order to gain a rank.

Once a Citizen Soldier accumulates the necessary number of experience points, we perform an entity swap (NewEntity) and clean slate of points.

Citizen Soldiers gain experience by participating in combat.

Each unit has a point value (UpPoints). A Citizen Soldier gains this bonus to his upgrade when he makes the kill.

NOTE: Attacking animals does not count toward points.