BRIEF DESCRIPTION :: Value of Armor.

The value of armor an entity has is a total sum of the three armor types of crushhack, and pierce. As an entity is attacked by an opposing entity, the armor absorbs (or deflects - however you would like to view it) the damage points of that attack action.

Note: No matter how strong your armor is, or how weak your attacker's damage is - every time the entity is attacked they lose one hit point. So theoretically, you could destroy a structure with a horde of low level swordsmen (not the ideal choice for attack). It might take you 20 minutes to do it, but you could do it. Same goes for a battering ram vs. a hero; you can do it, but it would take a long time, and chances are that the hero would destroy your battering ram before you could take off 5 hitpoints.

So lets break down a combat example:

Unit A attacks Unit B.

Unit A's attack:

  • damage = 10
  • crush = 10% (*<damage> = 1.0)
  • hack = 60% (*<damage> = 6.0)
  • pierce = 30% (*<damage> = 3.0)

Unit B's armor:

  • value = 5
  • crush = 80% (*<value> = 4.0)
  • hack = 10% (*<value> = 0.5)
  • pierce = 10% (*<damage> = 0.5)

When the attack occurs, here is how it is broken down:

1.0 (Unit A's calculated crush damage) - 4.0 (Unit B's calculated crush armor)

0.0 crush penetrates

6.0 (Unit A's calculated hack damage) - 0.5 (Unit B's calculated hack armor)

5.5 hack penetrates

3.0 (Unit A's calculated pierce damage) - 0.5 (Unit B's calculated pierce armor)

2.5 penetrates

This totals to a total hit point loss of 8 hitpoints for Unit B.

The percentage of crush, hack, and pierce cannot exceed 100% in sum.

Armor values are low for Citizen Soldiers .. as they gain rank, their armor value increases. Heroes and Super Units usually have a high value in armor as they appear late in the game.


BRIEF DESCRIPTION :: Percentage of Armor that is crush.

Crush armor is a type of armor that is used to protect from crush attack.

Nonmechanical units typically have a very high resistance to crush attack. Structures and Mechanical units usually have a very low value of crush armor. This is so that battering rams are not effective vs. infantry, and infantry are not effective vs. structures.


BRIEF DESCRIPTION :: Percentage of Armor that is hack.

Hack armor is protection from blunt/melee type attacks.

Nonmechanical units are susceptible to this type of attack.


BRIEF DESCRIPTION :: Percentage of Armor that is pierce.

Pierce armor is protection from pointed/ranged type attacks.

Nonmechanical units are susceptible to this type of attack.