Those lands north of the Black Sea and extending eastward, and the area of the Anatolian Plateau interior of Turkey.


  • Occasional low hills
  • Mostly broad plains.
  • Drier than Temperate.
  • Mostly grasslands with small leaf deciduous forest groves along nearby watercourses.
  • Some conifer groves atop low hilltops to moderately high elevations.
  • Mainly a plain to rolling hills aspect
  • Steppe biome maps are limited to an elevation height of mid-level and below, low level.
  • May snow frequently in winter.
  • Ice floes can appear in winter.
  • Infrequent rains during spring, summer, autumn.
  • Light on both wood and stone, normal for ore, and heavily endowed with herd animals.
  • An open map that is relatively hard to defend.

Typical Steppe type variations:

  • Fortress
  • Nomadic
  • Herocide 


  • Primary (Lowlands).
  • Secondary (Midlands).
  • Quaternary (Ocean Floor).

Steppe Land types:

3.3.1. Anatolian Plateau

  • Archetypical land steppe map.
  • Broadly open and indefensible.
  • Civilization Territories divided as appropriate to the map.

Steppe Water types:

3.3.2. The Tauric Peninsula

  • Coastal type map.
  • Only a narrow isthmus connecting it to the northern edge of the map.
  • Relatively mountainous hinterland with some stream drainage generally not navigable due to rocky fords.
  • Civilization are territorially arranged around the peninsula.

3.3.3. Black Sea

  • Similar to the Mediterranean map in AoK except:
    • It has the steppe motif for the adjacent landforms.
    • Watercourse inlet and outlet at both north (Azov channel) and south (Bosporus) and east (river in Georgia) and west (Danube delta) edges.
    • It is more in the way of wooded to the southerly side of the sea than to northerly, though the northerly is better endowed with animals.
    • Civilization are territorially arranged around the central sea.

3.3.4. Black Sea Shallows

  • Same as Black Sea except that there are shallows crossing each ot the watercourses breaking up the landmass into four quadrants at north, south, east, and west edges of the map.