• An inter-zonal map between better watered mountain and desert or desert and tropic
  • A map characterized by broadly spaced clumps of trees which are a mixture of oaken-leafed evergreen, deciduous baobab, palm type trees and scrub type plants
  • Typically a rather flat plane map having an occasional hummock rises here and there.
  • Relatively open but does have occasional ‘strag’ trees and rocky outcrops here and there.
  • Note that Savanna biome maps are limited to elevation heights of mid-level and below, low-level.
  • Rains are predominantly and frequently heavy in summer but never snows, dry 'winter' season.
  • Savanna has very little water on it though it may have an occasional lake, stream, or river and dry sandy or muddy lakebeds with water holes; streams may run for wahile and then empty into shallow marshy lake having no outlet to the sea in some cases.
  • It is very green during the rainy season and for awhile thereafter (Autumn) but rather sere at other times of the year.
  • It is well endowed with animals including dangerous ones.
  • Somewhat light on forest and stone but good for ore.
  • Defensively or aggressively the map may be fairly well balanced to open to aggression.

Typical Savanna type variations:

  • Fortress
  • Nomadic
  • Herocide

Elevation Meshes

  • Primary (Lowlands).
  • Secondary (Midlands).
  • Quaternary (Ocean Floor).

Savanna Land types:

3.5.1. Sahel

  • Situated southside of the Atlas mountain range in North Africa.
  • Is a somewhat open map having almost all of the characteristics stated above except for having no river of significant size.
  • Civilization Territories are divided as appropriate to the map.

Savanna Water types:

3.5.2. Gambia River

  • Characterized by having a river running through it east to west opening out onto the Atlantic Ocean toward the western edge of the map.
  • The river has a few shallows crossings and is loaded with crocodiles along its course.
  • Riverside stone or ore seam gathering is fraught with danger.
  • Civilization Territories are divided proportionately north and south of along the course of the river).