Rock sizes may differ depending on the artwork for the object but all contain the same amount of resource to be harvested. The amount is based on twice that which is in AoK: 1400 Stone for boulders, and 700 Stone for all other gatherable rock objects.


Each smear of glitter (representing an ore deposit) occupies one tile. The gatherable resource amount is based on twice that of AoK: 1600 Ore for each ore body. Bright, sparkling golden smears, lying flat on the terrain. Such ore deposits can appear on hillsides, at the base of cliffs, and on river banks. Since ore deposits are effectively a texture over the existing terrain mesh, once the resource object is exhausted, the ore seam texture is replaced with a conventional texture for this terrain type.

  • Ore Gravel - Gravel bed associated with wet or dry watercourse.
  • Ore Seam Vein - Exposed veins as eroded patches on sloped terrain.