Fauna Objects


Attribute List

  • AI Nature:
    • Violent: Will actively attack any unit it encounters, even if not threatened.
    • Aggressive: Will attack nearby units if it feels threatened (if they linger within LOS for too long).
    • Defensive: Will attack nearby units if attacked.
    • Passive: Will never attack units.
    • Skittish: Will never attack units. Will typically attempt to flee for short distances when units approach.
  • Hitpoints: The amount of life points that an animal has when it is attacked (if not stated, TBD).
  • Fattening: The animal's Food value increases at the specified rate while it is corralled.
  • Food: The amount of the Food resource that an animal provides when it has been killed (if not stated, TBD).
  • Yield: The quantity of Food delivered to the Food Resource Pool per minute when corralled and attended by a servicer.
  • Capture: The animal may be captured and corralled.
  • Special: Any special traits of the animal.

Animals are NOT replenished on the map during the course of a game session.

Units of this type are Gaia-controlled; they are not initially controllable by any player unless through some civilization specific characteristic.

All Fauna Objects are animated.