Class: Spearman.

    • Hacker Armament: Bamboo Spear (2.25m).
    • Garrison: 1.
    • Function: Weak cannon fodder, but easily massed.
    • Special: Cheap and trains fast, like the Persian Sparabara.

Class: Swordsman.

    • Hacker Armament: Curved Indian short sword.
    • Garrison: 1.

Class: Archer.

    • Ranged Armament: Bamboo Longbow (2.0m long).


Class: Cavalry Swordsman.

    • Hacker Armament: Indian longswords.
    • Garrison: 2.
    • Function: Raider. Bonus vs. Support units, Archers, and Siege weapons.

Class: Cavalry Skirmisher.

    • Ranged Armament: Bamboo Javelin.
    • Garrison: 2.

Class: Cavalry Archer.

    • Ranged Armament: Bamboo Bow(s).
    • Hack Armament (Passive-Trample): Feet.
    • Appearance:
      • Basic: Driver. One archer.
      • Advanced: Driver. Two archers.
      • Elite: Driver. Three archers.
      • Mount: Indian elephant with painted designs.
    • Garrison: 2.
    • Function: Double the health of the standard Cavalry Archer; Double the train time. Trained at the Elephant Stables.
    • Special: Each promotion adds another archer to the elephant's back, increasing the number of arrows fired per second.



    • Class: Female Citizen.
    • Appearance: Dark skin. Skirt, player color. In reality, bare breasted, but for our purposes she'll wear a simple cloth wrapped over her breasts, player color.
    • Garrison: 1.
    • Function: Good at gathering food. Has an 'aura' that boosts the productivity of citizen-soldiers around her.

Class: Healer.

    • Appearance:
      • Helmet: None.
      • Shield: None.
      • Figure(s): .
    • Garrison: 1.
    • Special:
      • "Defiance".

Class: Trader.

    • Garrison: 2.

Class: Resource drop site.

    • Figure(s): Indian mahout, shirtless.
    • Mount: Asian (Indian) elephant with resources on its back.
    • Garrison: Cannot.
    • Function: Mobile resource drop site.
    • Special: Mobile resource drop site. May also assist in building structures.


Class: Fishing Boat.

    • Garrison: Cannot.
    • Garrison Capacity: 1; support, infantry
    • Function: Gathering: Only method of collecting meat from fish.
    • Special: Garrison a support unit or infantry unit inside to boost fishing rate.

Class: Merchant Ship.

    • Garrison: Cannot.
    • Function: Sets up trade routes between friendly Ports.
    • Special: Garrison a Trader inside to boost the amount of trade received.

Class: Light Warship.

    • Garrison: Cannot.

Class: Medium Warship.

    • Garrison: Cannot.




Class: Champion Cavalry Archer.

    • Ranged Armament (Primary): Bamboo Longbow.
    • Hacker Armament (Passive-Trample): Hooves, Wheels.
    • Appearance: A highly decorated Indian war chariot with driver and bowman.
    • Garrison: 1.
    • Function: Sow discord in enemy ranks with passive trample damage. Long range archery, similar to the infantry Longbowman.

Class: Champion Elephant.

    • Hacker Armament (Primary): Tusks. Crushing attack.
    • Ranged Armament (Passive): Bamboo Longbow.
    • Hacker Armament (Passive-Trample): Feet.
    • Appearance: Painted Indian war elephant with driver and bow rider. Has some armor on its chest and forehead, and swords on its tusks.
    • Garrison: 1.
    • Function: Destroy buildings and trample enemy formations. Extra good vs. enemy cavalry. Trained at the Elephant Stables.
    • Special:
      • "Damage Frenzy".
      • "Stench" Aura.
      • "Trample Damage" Aura.

Class: Champion Maceman.

    • Hacker Armament: Variations between the two-handed Indian battle ax and Indian war clubs.
    • Appearance: Lightly armored.
    • Garrison: 1.
    • Function: Low armor; High crush attack. Perhaps an attack bonus vs. wooden structures, like gates and palisades.
    • Special: .

Class: Champion Swordsman or Champion Archer/ Infantry or Cavalry

    • Hacker Armament: Indian long sword. (1.5m).
    • Ranged Armament: Bamboo longbow.
    • Appearance: Female. Slender and stately. Necklaces, anklets, bracelets, earrings, unshod. Lightly armored or no armor.
    • Garrison: 1.
    • Function: Beautiful, but deadly. They have low armor, but high attack, and act as bodyguards for the Mauryan heroes.
    • Special: Can switch between broadsword and longbow. Trained from Mauryan heroes.


Class: Hero 1.

      • Mount: Armored war elephant. Covered head-to-toe in armor, clad tower (howdah), tusks with poisoned blades on them, and a trunk that whirls a ball and chain around in the air. Scariest single unit in the game, bar none!
    • Garrison: 2.
    • Special:
      • "Hero" Aura ().

Class: Hero 2.

    • Mount: Armored war elephant or chariot.
    • History: Ashoka the great was the grandson of the founder of the Mauryan Dynasty, Chandragupta Maurya. Ascending the throne, Ashoka expanded his empire over the next eight years, from the present-day Assam in the East to Balochistan in the West; from the Pamir Knot in Afghanistan in the north to the peninsula of southern India except for present day Tamil Nadu and Kerala which were ruled by the three ancient Tamil kingdoms. Following the vicious conquest of Kalinga(located in present day Orissa), the Priyadarsi changed his ways to become a peaceful patron of Buddhism and renounced war and violence. His reign saw over forty years of peace and harmony for the empire, making Ashoka one of the most successful and famous monarchs of Indian history.
    • Garrison: 1.
    • Special:
      • "Hero" Aura ()
      • Pillars of Ashoka (Ashoka can build Pillars of Ashoka (see Special Structures, below) that affect units within sight of them.)

Class: Hero 3.

    • Hacker Armament: None. Defenseless.
    • Ranged Armament: None. Defenseless.
    • Garrison: 1.
    • Function: Technology enhancement.
    • Special:
      • "Teacher" Ability (Has the ability to "empower" a building while it is researching a technology or training units. The production queue will be 50% faster while Chanakya empowers the building.)
      • "Philosopher" Ability (Has the ability to research 4 special technologies only available to him. These technologies are based on his philosophical treatises on economics, governance, and warfare.)


  • Damage Frenzy: If the unit loses 75% of its hit points, it will randomly attack nearby units, friend or foe, other than Priests/Healers. This effect can only be overcome by restoring the unit's lost health or manually killing the elephant after 10 seconds (delete).
  • "Stench" Aura: As with Persian camels, cavalry units are spooked by elephants, and prove less effective when in range of them.
  • "Trample Damage" Aura: As with Carthaginian elephants and melee cavalry of all types, causes passive crush damage to nearby enemy units through trampling.
  • "Defiance" Trait: The Brahmin priest fights back against enemy attackers, instead of running away like most other healers do.


  • Melee Infantry: Bamboo Spearman.
  • Ranged Infantry: Longbowman.
  • Cavalry: Indian Light Cavalry.

Structure Description


Class: House.

Class: Farmstead.

Class: Field.

Class: Corral.

Class: Mill.

    • History: Resources and building materials were kept in warehouses.

Class: Outpost.

Class: Palisade.

    • History: A cheap, quick defensive structure constructed with sharpened tree trunks.


Class: Town Centre.

Class: Dock.

Class: Temple.

Class: Barracks.

Class: Blacksmith.

    • History: The Indians acquired the knowledge for making wootz (or urukke) steel from the Tamils during the 5th century BC. Since that time, swords, knives, and other implements made of this steel were highly prized in the ancient world. Such steel was the sharpest and most sought-after of its age, displaying as it does beautiful organic patterns from the alloys within the steel. The famous "Damascene" steel was derived from it, exported from India all the way to Syria. It is said that the Indian King Purushottama (Porus) of Paurava gave a sword made of wootz steel to Alexander the Great as a gift after the Battle of the Hydaspes River. 

Class: Market.

Class: Defense Tower.

Class: Wall.

    • History: Mauryan city walls were generally made out of wood, which is an abundant resource in ancient India.

Class: Wall Tower.

    • History: Mauryan city walls were generally made out of wood, which is an abundant resource in ancient India.

Class: Gate.


Class: Fortress.

    • Function: Trains heroes and champion units.


Generic Name: Elephant Stables.

    • Class: SB 1.
    • History: .
    • Requirements: .
    • Phase: Town.
    • Special: Trains Elephant Archer and Worker Elephant at Town Phase, then adds the Champion War Elephant at the City phase.
      • "Elephant Breeding" bonus (When a captured Gaia elephant is garrisoned inside, cost and train time for elephant units are reduced by 5% for each garrisoned elephant, up to 5 elephants.)

Generic Name: Edict Pillar of Ashoka.

    • Class: SB 2.
    • Requirements: Built by the Ashoka hero unit.
    • Phase: City.


Generic Name: Stupa Shrine.

    • Class: Wonder.
    • Requirements: Temple.
    • Phase: City.


  • "Elephant Breeding" bonus: When a captured Gaia elephant



Civilization Bonuses

CB 1

    • Generic Name: Emperor of Emperors
    • History: The Mauryan Empire encompassed dozens of formerly independent kingdoms over an area of 5 million square kilometers, with a population of close to 60 million people. The Mauryan rulers held the title "Emperor of Emperors" and commanded a standing army of 600,000 infantry, 9000 elephants, 8000 chariots, and 30,000 cavalry, making it arguably the largest army of its time.
    • Effect: Mauryans have a +10% population cap bonus (e.g., 330 pop cap instead of the usual 300).

CB 2

    • Generic Name: Warrior Caste.
    • History: Kshatriya or Kashtriya, meaning warrior, is one of the four varnas (social orders) in Hinduism. Traditionally Kshatriya constitute the military and ruling elite of the Vedic-Hindu social system outlined by the Vedas and the Laws of Manu. The earliest Vedic literature listed by organization of function, not of caste, the Kshatriya (holders of kṣatra, or authority) as first in rank, and the Brahmins second (priests and teachers of law), before the Vaisya (Cattle-herders, merchant-traders, farmers and some artisan castes), and the Sudra (laborers, some farming castes and other artisan castes).
    • Effect: Mauryans gain access to four champion units, instead of the standard 2.

Team Bonus


    • Name: Evangelism.
    • History: Ashoka the Great sent embassies West to spread knowledge of the Buddha.
    • Effect: All allied Temple technologies -50% cost and research time.


  • Infantry: Poor spearman (cheap fodder). Good swordsman. Best archer (slightly better than the Persian archer).
  • Cavalry: Poor. Nothing to match the cavalry of the Persians, for instance.
  • Naval: Very good. Almost all technologies.
  • Siege: No siege weapons or siege techs. Champion War Elephant takes the place of siege weapons.
  • Economy:
    • Farming: Good.
    • Mining: Average.
    • Lumbering: Good.
    • Hunting: Average.
    • Land Trade: Average.
    • Naval Trade: Good.
    • Architecture: Mediocre.
    • Defenses: Mediocre. Wooden walls; few defensive techs.

Special Technologies

ST 1

    • Generic Name: Elephant Roundup.
    • Effect: Mauryan units can "capture" Gaia elephants in the wild and garrison up to 5 of them inside the Elephant Stables. This unlocks the "Elephant Breeding" bonus that reduces elephant unit costs by 5% and train time by 5% for each garrisoned elephant for a total maximum bonus of 25%.

ST 2

    • Name: Archery Tradition.
    • History: India is a land of archery. The bulk of any Indian army is made up of highly skilled archers, armed with bamboo longbows.
    • Effect: Greater range and faster train time for Bamboo Longbowmen.